blue-barunloading1Self Unloading Feeder System
The whole concept of self-unloading feeder ships in this unique way was Mr Mattson's own idea.
All these three ships can now be unloaded:

1. Without anybody touching the cargo – less need for harbour workers.

2. Can be unloaded even if it rains.

3. Is unloaded in an environmentally friendly way.

4. Unloads in a work environment friendly way.feeder System

5. No need to clean cargo space.

6. Unloading capacity can be changed from 30 ton to 200 – 300 - 450 ton/hour depending on which ship is used.

7. The ships carries their own electric generators (also as extra security backup engines can be used)

8. Unloading can be done day or night.

9. Can unload to lorries if need be.